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6 Luxury home must-haves to attract the right buyer

Luxury home buyers are a world apart from regular homebuyers. With more money involved, high end buyers tend to be more discriminating as they want to make sure they’re getting the best value for their investment. More than just a well-appointed home, they’re looking for a beautiful and comfortable property with features that are nothing short of extravagant.

As trends in homes change over the years, so do the preferences of luxury home buyers. If you’re selling a home in the high end market, make sure it includes the most sought after luxury home features today.

Here are some of the must-haves:

  1. Smart home technology

    Smart home technology is becoming a staple even in standard homes, and has become a must in upscale properties. It can be incorporated in any aspect of the home, from kitchen appliances to security systems. Some uses are highly practical, such as programmable lighting and thermostats. Others are simply extravagant, such as AI butlers, programmable music streaming, and voice control for everything, from the blinds and water sprinklers to coffee makers and pet feeders.

    It’s important to have a system that’s compatible with the most popular systems in the market, so the new owners can easily install any additional functions as they see fit.

  2. Home security system

    Security is foremost in the minds of high end home owners, so it’s a must to have a security system that will make them feel safe, but is easy to use. There’s a wide range of state of the art security systems on the market today, including voice controlled systems, high resolution image sensors, and even night vision cameras.

    Security systems integrated with smart home technology are popular choices for the convenience they offer. With smart locks, for example, you can be sure all doors in the house are locked with just a touch of a button or a voice command.

  3. Chef’s kitchen

    A spacious kitchen with the latest appliances and plenty of counter space is something every luxury home must have. Island counters have become the focal point in upscale kitchens, with double islands becoming a trend in homes where space is not a concern. Extras like wine refrigerators and warming drawers are a big plus.

    Preparing food today has become an artform that even non-professionals want to try their hands at, and luxury homeowners are no exception. Even if they don’t cook, they want a beautiful kitchen that can be used as an intimate entertainment area, where they can gather family and friends for an informal get-together.

  4. Ample storage

    You can never have too much storage. Clutter is not welcome in any home, and certainly not in an upscale one. Make sure yours has plenty of storage in any part of the house — his and hers walk in closets in the master’s bedroom, a Butler’s Pantry in the kitchen, built in shelves on counters, a linen closet, and so on. Some buyers may even look for a wine cellar, or perhaps, a room or area where they can safely store and showcase an expensive collection. Vaults and safes are also welcome features.

  5. Luxury bathrooms

    Luxury home buyers look for the ultimate comfort and pampering in the confines of their property, and what better way to have that than a luxurious bathroom? In a high end home, bathrooms are more than just utilitarian spaces. They also serve as a retreat where one can unwind and relax with utmost privacy. The most luxurious bathrooms come complete with an entertainment system with smart home features. To others, however, luxury comes in the form of a spa, a Roman bath, or an oversized tub with a great view. There’s a multitude of luxury bathroom features today, so consider updating yours with something that goes well with the rest of the house.

  6. Entertainment rooms and other in-home recreation

    Entertainment rooms, private gyms, and in-house theaters are popular features in luxury homes, and are often sought by high end home buyers. To give your home an edge, consider features that take home recreation further, such as an indoor pool or basketball court, or even a private sports bar complete with wide screen TVs.

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